Celebrity Alligator Walk of Fame – Gatorland Opens First of its Kind Attraction and Celebrates 100 Rescue Alligator Milestone

Set to showcase their most popular gators, the Orlando-based rescue park is celebrating over 100 rescues over the last five years with the new attraction.  

What’s Happening:

  • Gatorland in Orlando, Florida is introducing the first-ever Alligator Walk of Fame.
  • The new attraction will honor some of their celebrity alligators cared for by the park. These alligators are all part of a rescue effort that has saved over 100 nuisance alligators from euthanasia in the last five years.
  • The addition is a continued celebration of the park's 2002 collaboration with Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, which allows the park to rescue large alligators that have become dangerous to the public.
  • CEO and President of Gatorland Mark McHugh shared his excitement for the project, saying “We were the pioneers back in 2002 when Chester the American alligator was eating dogs in Tampa.  We were able to change the wildlife rules to allow Gatorland to purchase large, nuisance alligators from state trappers and give them a “forever” home in our huge lakes… We are so proud to be global leaders in alligator rescues, conservation, education, and safety.  Our new Alligator Walk of Fame is a fun way for our guests to see some of the “celebrity” alligators saved through our conservation programs with Gatorland Global.”

  • Other alligators featured in the Alligator Walk of Fame include:
    • Larry (Rescued in 2019): After being fed frequently, he became too comfortable around humans. The trapper caught Larry by calling his name prompting the gator to walk right up to him.

  • Turnpike (Rescued 2020): He was rescued after losing a leg on the highway.

  • Bogey (Rescued 2020): He was found on a golf course.

  • Terminator (Rescued 2021): After being constantly fed by humans, he would park himself on a boat ramp waiting for food.

  • Winchester: After being seen wandering in backyards, trappers noticed he had been shot twice.

  • Jawlene: After going viral for missing her upper jaw, she was rescued by Gatorland and is now thriving.

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