Hotel New York - The Art of Marvel - Project Tracker (Disneyland Paris)

Opening: June 21, 2021

  • 4/15/2019: Marvel, Disneyland Paris share more details about the Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel

Make way for Marvel! Disneyland Paris Resort is reimagining Disney’s Hotel New York as a destination for all superhero fans. Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel will showcase the inspiring worlds of Iron Man, The Avengers, and Spider-Man, among others.

As part of this renovation project, Disneyland Paris is collaborating with more than 50 artists from Marvel Comics and Marvel Studios to bring together more than 300 pieces of artwork showcasing the wealth of the Marvel Universe. These amazing pieces will be on display throughout the hotel and in guest rooms. 

Hotel accommodations will include:

  • 476 standard rooms
  • 65 executive rooms
  • 8 standard suites
  • Room interiors will reflect the sophisticated style of Tony Stark, with a color palette reminiscent of his Iron Man suit and art featuring Marvel Super Heroes.
  • Each one-of-a-kind suite will be meticulously fashioned around Marvel Super Heroes and New York City themes and will feature stunning pieces of the Super Heroes commissioned by Marvel artists.

With several restaurants and lounges to choose from, guests will be able to enjoy a wide variety of dining options including:

  • Manhattan Restaurant
  • Downtown Restaurant
  • Skyline Bar 
  • Lounge Bar

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